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Chesapeake Crimes

Chesapeake Crimes 9: Invitation to Murder

Another short-story anthology in the award-winning Chesapeake Crimes series, published by Wildside Press, including:

Introduction by Dana Cameron
“The Dame and Thaddeus Birdwhistle” by Karen Cantwell
“Secrets to the Grave” by K.M. Rockwood
“The Mysterious Affair at the Escape Room” by Leone Ciporin
“The Do-Gooder” by Adam Meyer
“The Problem with Open-Ended Invitations” by Cathy Wiley
“Muggins” by Josh Pachter
“The Killing Winds” by Mary Stojak
“Make New Friends, But Keep the Old” by Jane Limprecht
“Good Morning, Green Leaf Class” by Sarah Cotter
“The Great Bedbug Incident and the Invitation of Doom” by
Eleanor Cawood Jones (Derringer Award winner)
“Guns and Yoga” by Maureen Klovers
“RFP/RIP” by Britt Alan
“Aumakua” by Maddi Davidson
“The Color of Envy” by Joanna Campbell Slan
“True Colors” by Robin Templeton
“All Tomorrow’s Parties” by Art Taylor
“Sunnyside” by Stacy Woodson

Donna Andrews, Barb Goffman, and Marcia Talley were the coordinating editors. The members of the editorial panel were Greg Herren, G.M. Malliet, and James Lincoln Warren.

Available from the publisher, as well as from:
Mystery Loves Company Booksellers

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